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    About Us


    In the early 1970’s, my husband Tom and I moved from our hometown of Dublin, Ireland, to London, and took on the running of a shop that sold candy and tobacco. We became Christians and felt God telling us to stop the tobacco side of the business. The shop literally ground to a halt - to such a point that the power company was about to turn off the electricity supply. All our money was gone, and we were shaken to the core.

    The owner of a nearby Christian bookstore had to move away and had been praying for someone to replace what he had started in the area. He was given our address, and he asked us to pray about becoming a Christian bookstore. Our only possessions were what we stood up in, but we started out selling some of his stock - and the business has boomed ever since. Now we employ 3 people in a debt-free independent bookstore. I believe that what God orders, He pays for.


    The store serves the whole community – all ages and denominations. London is a multi-ethnic area and we are on the main road in our part of the city so we get a good representation of people.


    The shop has always been a place of ministry - with people coming to faith or experiencing healing, here.


    Elizabeth Burke, Owner